Where the world of musical innovation begins!

Step into the world of Pianotron, where the soulful echoes of the piano blend with the nostalgic waves of the mellotron. This isn't just a fusion of sounds; it's the heart and soul of Zvjezdan Ružić, an award-winning maestro, poured into every note. Imagine a musical journey that takes you back to the '60s yet anchors you firmly in the here and now.

Pianotron is more than a project; it's a narrative woven from Ružić's lifetime of melodies and memories. Each piece tells a tale, inviting you to feel, to reflect, and to find a piece of yourself within the music. It's an experience that's meant to be shared, connecting us through the universal language of rhythm and harmony.

We're not just observers in this journey; we're participants. Your stories, your reactions, they become part of the Pianotron's ever-evolving story. It's a space where music meets conversation, where every chord strikes a chord within our hearts.

And this is just the beginning. Pianotron is stepping confidently into the world, ready to share its soul with tours, albums, and endless stories yet to unfold. This is your invitation to join a community that lives and breathes music, to co-create and celebrate the joy that only music can bring.

Welcome aboard fellow travelers!